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Honest Ziggy's Car Deals
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 by Deathshands100
Rip off car dealer

I swear dishonest ziggy car dealer looks sketchy as hell. Even his pictures for his car dealer ship looks gay as hell. I should go and pop all the car tires car

 by Thomas Burgess
2012 Chevy Malibu

My second car from this dealership each time was a great experience.

 by Rafael pagan cruz

Hello my name is Rafael, I thank God for knowing this person so kind, understanding, he is a person without knowing you who gets into your problem of buying a vehicle Toyota Camry 2007 color white more, adjusts your payments to your pocket, thank you all because it helps

 by Dennis Frederick

Financed a 2010 Nissan Altima with 51,000 miles on it last week .. No dealer fees, No interest rate charges, just those 2 things alone are saving me a few thousand dollars . his process was seamless and I was in and out in an hour. I couldn't be happier with the deal, and the car drives like a dream.
I'm definitely recommending Gary and his team to my friends.

 by sarah matthews

we bought 2 cars from ziggys and have had no problem. good service, very professional, very friendly, highly recommend

 by Brendan Smith
Mazda 3

I bought a mazda 3 from ziggy about 5 years ago! It ran great, i loved it but my boss only lived 2 blocks away from me so my car ended up sitting in the driveway, after i paid it off i sold it! Now i opened my own business and am in need of a truck! Hopefully ziggys will take care of me again!!

 by Michael

Greg repossessed my hummer yesterday. Luckily I had the money to pick it up from repro. I have paid my payment within one week of the due date for 4 years. Ive bought 3 vehicles from Greg. Ive paid off 2 of them. I always paid a month at a time with check by mail because I dont live close to his office. I have only been one week late one time in the 4 years because I forgot to mail the check. Greg knew I was paying $300 a month. Greg blamed it on the system. His system count 28 days in a month. Your payment is constantly moving since there are more than 28 days in a month. Greg thought he was going to take my money and resell the hummer to make more money. Sometimes money makes you do things you shouldnt even to the best customers. Be careful buying from ziggy. He will reposses your vehicle and you will be out all your hard earned money. I would buy somewhere else where the terms are a little more flexible. Never buy from Ziggy. I will never buy there again.

He did buy three vehicles from me and he always made his payments within the grace period for being late The first time he was over the grace period, we gave him a courtesy call and told him that we would not call him again. The second time he was over the grace period we picked up the vehicle.

 by Sharon Hill
Chevrolet Cobalt

Bought my 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt and it was so clean and they made it so easy . I recommend them highly.

 by Nick

I bought one f150 Ford truck from ziggy
Everything went well. Truck run smooth no major issues. I’m thinking about going back over to get suv for my wife as we thinking of extending our family if you know what I mean lol

 by Vicki lunt
New suv

Just moved here,needed a dependable car and Ziggys hooked me up fast. Very friendly staff, very dependable vehicles, an I recommend them highly 👍🏼

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